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A Story Of Success

Our Client:

Reverse Logistics Solutions Provider

The Challenge:

The website was not ranking, has low organic traffic, and has poor user engagement. In this case, paid advertising wasn’t bearing any results.

Our Solution:

First, we assessed the status of their website. This includes looking under the hood to check data analytics and crucial information (like site errors, crawl & index rate, list of internal & external links, etc.). Guided by our SEO methodology, we laid out an SEO-plan that tackled all the issues of the website. This includes keyword strategy, content strategy, and landing page optimisation – among others. We also made sure that the site is now aligned with any changes in Google’s algorithm, which will defend the site from future problems as well.

The Result:

Over the course of 30 days, the company ranked on the first page of search results for 10 targeted keywords. Landing the number 1 spot for three of them. Their Google organic search traffic increased by 176.35 percent. Subsequently, conversion rate averaged at 10 percent, with an estimated 41 transactions to this reverse logistics solutions provider.

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