Innovating CX: How Agencies Retain Clients and Conserve Cashflows


You have probably already heard and read about it hundreds of times, but it bears repeating: We’re living in unprecedented times. Your agency has probably felt the brunt of the pandemic’s impact in the way your client and partner pool seems to be quickly evaporating.

Do you respond with an aggressive campaign to attract new clients? Perhaps you could if you had the resources and budget to spare.

But we have to be more strategic about where we allot our budgets these days and explore our options without overtaxing our cashflows. Instead of relying on new sales, focus on the quality of your service relationship with existing clients.


Adapting CX to the Circumstances

There’s no easy way to predict how exactly your partners will react and behave in the coming weeks, maybe even months. However, you can reinvent your customer experience (CX) strategy to build trust, be flexible and empathic, and incorporate innovative strategies to help keep clients’ trust and business with you.

Build up agency trust and nurture advocates

While lockdowns are causing the time users spend online to skyrocket, it doesn’t necessarily translate into more leads and therefore sales. People are isolating themselves and businesses are closing down, so general spending behaviour will naturally decrease.

Now’s the best time to invest in building your existing partners’ trust in your brand. Make sure to listen to their particular needs so you can shift your focus and address those concerns in your services. Go over and beyond to show that even if times are uncertain, you have their back.

These are the businesses you can easily motivate to leave positive reviews online and solidify your social proof as a trusted adviser. Brand advocates can also talk up your brand to their business networks because they’ll want to pay your compassion forward.

So, keep your ears peeled and your programs generous — not only will it help draw in more traffic and leads in a time when almost everyone is online, longer, but it will keep your churn rate down amidst the pandemic.

Be more flexible and understanding

The global crisis has left everyone scrambling, even your partner businesses. So, even if you’re feeling the pressure of finding a way to keep your doors open, keep calm, devise a plan, and translate your conviction in the way you work with clients.

You can easily bring relief to a lot of your partners, and motivate them to keep doing business with you, by:

  • Allowing last-minute budget changes
  • Exercising leniency on campaign fund cutbacks
  • Foregoing or, if you already announced it earlier, postponing price hikes
  • Giving your partner an extra day or two to settle an invoice
  • Understanding that some launches may have to be postponed

With a good client rapport, an open line of communication, and business transparency between partners, you can trust that balances will be settled in due time, and without souring relationships.

Remember to discuss your partners’ individual situations and how you can work together to achieve what’s in their best interest, too, so you can maintain your partnership.


Achieving customer experience innovation

Agencies that want to make it through that pandemic need to identify new ways to be seen and effectively deliver their solutions to their customers’ businesses. Doing so will fill in the gap left by the current situation and help recover lost revenue.

  • Invest in digital self-serve channels, including chatbot technology that leverage analytics
  • Maintain a strong digital footprint using online tools and white label UK SEO services, as well as expanding platform relevance in the long-term
  • Use cloud-based solutions to aid customer and system interactions
  • Utilise innovative tech like drone delivery and driverless cars

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of the way we conduct business, and in effect given business owners and agencies a lot to think about and catch up on. These days, despite the call to isolate ourselves, the best plan is to work together as a team.

Axadra advocates such a mindset. We are a digital services provider that helps agencies like yours more than simply survive the crisis. Our B2B clients depend on our outsourcing and support solutions to continue providing their services, ensuring their success as well as the success of their clients’ businesses during the pandemic and beyond.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help your agency.

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