Agile crisis management tactics your agency can use in a pandemic


There has been no greater disruption to digital marketing agency operations than the coronavirus. Shifting consumer behaviours are impacting B2Cs’ established method of dealing with customers and, therefore, their ability to produce ROIs. This in turn is causing many of them to close down or pull back on agency projects.

In a rapidly evolving situation, what are your agency’s options? How can you use crisis management tactics to shield your business partners and yourself from the brunt of the global crisis?

Enhance remote work capabilities

The social distancing measures and restrictions on non-essential travel have made an effective work-from-home policy critical to the continued operations of many businesses. As an agency, you have to get the buy-in of both your employees and your partner clients. Key areas you need to prepare in order to win their cooperation include:

  • Handling the logistics of equipment and supply allotment
  • Integrating policies to ensure the resilience of the initiatives
  • Managing the network bandwidth of your equipment
  • Migrating internal and external communications online through the use of collaboration tools
  • Providing adequate security and timely support to operations staff and clients

Work with providers to create contingency plans

Any service provider worth their salt has a business continuity plan ready to slot into action when necessary. But the business climate right now demands that operations be more integrated with partners and customers.

If your agency services begin to decline, your end users will appreciate being included in a conversation that would help mitigate the impact on their own processes. Approach this enterprise with honesty and a collaborative mindset. Some concerns you can cover are:

  • Analysing how your business continuity plan will affect your end-user
  • Allowing for the placement of additional mitigations
  • Going through the terms of your contract
  • Making your end-users understand your perspective as a provider

Prioritise the use of outsourced services

If it is currently beyond your agency’s ability to build or fund a project using internal resources, or if you are in critical need of a solution for a facet of your agency process that has declined due to the pandemic, find trusted outsource partners.

Third parties and suppliers deliver the specialised skills and access to technologies that you need to scale new ideas and get projects, like on-page initiatives that keep leads coming into your pipeline, off the ground.

The nature of outsourcing also means that it carries less risk than when you hire in-house talent. It is also significantly less expensive than hiring veteran freelancers. Lastly, with a professional team ready to go and support your agency, you don’t have to spend on in-house training.

Create long-term cost reduction plans

As these are unprecedented times, it’s natural to not quite know how the pandemic will specifically impact our economic recovery. However, it’s a safe bet to say that the global economy and businesses’ revenue will take a hit.

You’ll need to focus on preparing your agency for the lean times ahead. Take this opportunity to go through your business processes and identify factors that could help reduce running service costs.

  • Adapt flexible provisioning policies
  • Amend service-level agreements according to projected dip in demand
  • Improve labour resource distribution and efficiency
  • Rationalise service portfolios

01-1Thriving despite setbacks

In order to counter operational pitfalls and ensure business continuity even in the time of COVID-19, agencies need to explore alternative, out-of-the-box solutions to replace old capabilities that were recently compromised.

Axadra can help you come up with such a solution. We are an outsource digital service provider that emphasises providing superior support and skilled resources to partner clients in the United Kingdom especially in the context of the global crisis. With our help, agencies like you can execute growth initiatives with their clients while minimising the risks associated with scaling up ventures.

Talk to our team today to discuss your outsourcing options.



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