PPC Must-Haves: Best Types of Paid Ads for Your eCommerce Website

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In the hands of a capable PPC manager, someone who keeps abreast of marketplace algorithms and tactics to adjust brand efforts accordingly, you stand to gain a high return-on-ad spend on whichever paid advertising network you’re operating.

Notably, paid ads also have the potential to become critical to the success of various eCommerce brand awareness and lead-generation campaigns during the pandemic.

There are several types of paid ads, however. Which ones are most relevant to your online store’s growth?

PPC Advertisements to Consider for Your Strategy

For the sake of consistency, we’ll be using the accessible and easy-to-use Google as the default platform for the setting of the ad types. (This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be discounting Google’s competitors; Bing Ads, Amazon Advertising, and the like are still worth making space for in your overarching PPC plan).

Paid Search Texts Ads for Quick Conversions


Where do I spot one? You’ll find paid search ads at the top of the SERPs, right before the list of organic search results. They will be text-based advertisements in response to a user’s search terms; no imagery will be included.

What’s it for? They get on a user’s radar because the algorithm has identified their personal need to find the best option. The kinds of leads they bring in will be the bottom-of-the-funnel type.

Bottomline: Use paid search ads for in-market sales as they yield higher conversion rates compared to other ads. It would be smart to incorporate it in your overarching PPC strategy.

Display Ads for Brand Awareness


Where do I spot one? Display advertisements are also referred to as “banner ads.” You’ll see these types of ads hanging around the screens on websites, apps, and even popular mobile games.

What’s it for? Banner ads are triggered by either your browsing history or the topic of the content you are currently viewing. If the algorithm detects that you’ve been looking around for a particular kind of shoe or are doing so at the moment, then it’s highly probable that a related banner ad will be making an appearance soon.

Bottomline: Display ads aren’t the conversion machines that Paid Search ads are (with only a  0.77% conversion rate to Paid Search ads’ 3.75% across all industries on Google Ads as  of 2018), so don’t expect it to replicate the type of success you get there. They do have their strengths, though.

Because of the nature of banner ads, they’re particularly useful for two things: building brand awareness or retargeting, which is a tactic to keep your brand on the user’s mind even if they’ve left your website.

Product Search Ads for More Options 03-2

Where do I spot one? You’ll find these types of ads at the top of the SERPs or to the side of it, depending on whether you’re on mobile or a desktop. Unlike Paid Search, these ads also come with images and with a tab that expands to show similar ads.

What’s it for? Also called Shopping Campaigns, Product Search Ads like Google Shopping are attractive because the expanded options on the tab also provide the prices of similar products. It allows the user to pick the best product at the lowest price.

Bottomline: This type of paid ad is fast becoming a favorite of eCommerce marketers for it’s functionality, scope, and reach (it generated around two-thirds of the clicks on Google in Q1 2018). You’re in direct competition with other sellers though, so do your homework and make sure your online store is offering the sweetest deal.

Find Out How to Split Your PPC Budget

Your ad budget isn’t something you spend indiscriminately in the blind hope that it will generate ROI. Instead, a PPC budget needs to be monitored strictly by someone who knows what they’re doing. Only then can you make plans that involve earning via your paid ads campaign.

If you need a team of PPC professionals to help you make sound decisions regarding your paid ads and to run campaigns in your stead, then turn to Axadra. We’re a digital marketing agency committed to utilising your paid ads advantage to support your organisation’s growth.

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