Harmony in Design: Key Components for a Standout Website

The march of technology has made it possible for even amateurs to create a functional, decent-looking website for themselves. In fact, many businesses in the United Kingdom are supplementing their pandemic-adapted digital marketing efforts with a quick site creation project so they can better cater to clients who are practicing social distancing.

If you are also interested in making sure your site looks appealing enough to grab the attention of clients who are distracted by the global situation, then read on. Here’s some food for thought for you.

01 - Distinguish elements with grids and white spaceDistinguish with grids and white space

The first thing we’re going to cover on the ideal composition of a website are the things that you won’t see. We’re going to talk about grids and white space.

A website’s grids refer to the series of horizontal and vertical rulers that cut across the landscape of your website boxing in individual elements, usually text. It allows the eye to perceive the invisible boundary and help the brain absorb the content more easily through strategic grouping.

White space works in much the same way. By strategically placing nothing else around to distract the eye, a site can make a particular element “pop.” It also has the added benefit of giving the eye a break so the reader won’t be overwhelmed by visual input.

02 - Practice restraint with color base choicePractice restraint with color base choice

With all the colors available to you on a screen, it could be tempting to use all your favourite colours. Ignore that urge. Thematically speaking, the abundance of colours will easily tire the eye out and it might cost you your audience.

What you want to do is to pick two to three base colors to build into your design. Then, you can create variations of those base colours by mixing in white or black to make tints and shades, respectively. By using restraint, you can expand your design palette whenever necessary without overwhelming the reader’s senses.

Note: there is no “one” way to apply this technique. It will depend on your common sense and on your willingness to explore combinations. What you need to keep in mind that colours send out unique messages that get richer together. It’s up to your designer to make sure the correct one gets across.

03 - Strive for harmony in graphics and typographyStrive for harmony in graphics and typography

Your website’s graphics and typography shouldn’t be competing with one another for the readers’ attention. Rather, they should be working together to push one message across. This is why a designer shouldn’t agonise over finding that one perfect image or font type.

  • Non-intrusive backgrounds with sensible fonts would already suffice as long as it’s deliberate and free of visual clutter. Other things to keep in mind regarding readable typography include:
  • Using font stacks to define designer-approved font substitutions in case the one used on the site can’t be read by the processor accessing it.
  • Increasing or decreasing the measure and leading of the text lines accordingly. In doing so, you should be able to provide some visual breathing room for your reader.

Creating a clear horizontal line down the page through the text alignment with hanging quotes and bullets. The seamless “line” created is likewise easy on the eye.

04 - Balance and interconnect the overall designBalance and interconnect the overall design

The website must showcase a design that is both unified and consistent. This means that the disparate elements of a website’s design (colours, graphics and typography, grids and white space, etc.) must interact with each other as if they were pieces of  a puzzle slotting perfectly together. If either unity or consistency is absent, then the design falls apart.

Enhance Your Site’s Design

There’s more to the business of designing and developing a website that could properly convey your brand’s message to your audience. If you want to learn more about it, reach out to the professionals at Axadra. We are a digital services provider for clients in the UK with an experienced webdev team who can weigh in on your site building concerns.

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