Your Guide to Developing a Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

Content marketing is an inbound strategy that emphasises serving the needs of a target market by providing them with information and other high-value resources. Marketers then nurture the relationship with qualified leads in order to convert them.

The strategy is a god-send to businesses that want a steady stream of new leads to come to them via organic website traffic — when it’s done right. A business’ content marketing activities mean nothing if it doesn’t prompt them to engage or interact the way a brand needs them to.

How, then, can businesses make sure that the content marketing plan they’re developing is a winner? They need to keep three things in mind: Relevance, Benefits and Consistency.

01-Aug-10-2020-08-44-42-24-AMRelevance: Create content for your audience/marketing personas

The main question your content marketing strategy should always be able to answer with a resounding “yes” is “Will the content this generates be relevant to the wants and needs of my marketing persona?”

If that isn’t already the case for you, then you are already headed for failure. Go back to the drawing board and update your understanding of your target market.

Other indications that your content marketing plan serves the needs of your market include:

  • It’s specific enough that you can delineate the major concerns your target audience will be looking to resolve
  • It addresses those particular concerns in an organised and easily understood manner

By showing them how much you’ve put into understanding their unique needs, you send the message that you are approachable and trustworthy on top of being an industry authority.

02-Aug-10-2020-08-44-38-83-AMBenefits: Produce content that provides value to the consumer

As marketers who really do care about offering real solutions to their target market, you’ll always need to keep in mind if the content you generate will add value to your readers’ experience. Some ways a piece of content enriches and provides value to your audience include:

  • Information – your content’s main goal is to inform or educate your audience about a topic or a development in the industry. This type could either be evergreen or a series of updates, just make sure that you avoid using jargon that would put off or alienate your audience.
  • Entertainment – not all content aims to teach or pass on knowledge, though entertaining content can certainly function that way. Use entertaining content to get your brand noticed and, more importantly, remembered.
  • Transaction – content that aims to help a consumer find and complete a service or product transaction between them and your brand. You usually wouldn’t have more of this type of content as opposed to informational content as they target a more specific audience who are already further along the funnel.

The way you deliver a valuable experience and encourage interactions between your brand and the target market is up to you and how well you’ve done your consumer research. Once you find the sweet spot and are able to produce content that they need and have it appear to them at the right moment, expect an uptick in leads.

03-Aug-10-2020-08-44-35-96-AMConsistency: Deliver desirable and distinctive content consistently

This is a two-pronged item, and we’ll discuss it in their corresponding parts. First: you’ll want to generate content that is desirable to your target market and with the distinct mark of your brand.

That means that novel or highly original content is desirable. Examine the habits of your consumers to determine which platforms they frequent and which pieces of content they engage with the most. Knowing these will help you craft your own, improved version, in your terms.

Second: you’ll want your strategy to keep the momentum going. All’s well and good if you can produce content that is both valuable and engaging, but you’ll also need to make provisions so that you can keep producing high-quality content and adapt to changes in the industry and consumer needs along the way.

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