12 Tools You Need to Complete Your Content Marketing Toolkit

In the evolution of marketing tactics and methods, it’s clear that content marketing is fast pulling ahead of its traditional counterpart. It’s become the Done Thing that more businesses are using it than ever — and the number only continues to grow.

Which brings us to a little hiccup: if everyone and their uncle is running at least one content marketing campaign in 2020, how can your brand break away from competition and stand out?

The Need for a Content Marketing Toolbox

One thing you should get to work on as soon as possible is assembling your content marketing toolbox — among which are the core requirements for a successful, scalable content marketing operation.

Not only will it allow you to be ready for almost any instance related to content creation and distribution, but it will also make adapting to new things easier.

What to Consider When Putting Your Kit Together01-Aug-10-2020-07-10-48-21-AM

Of course, it won’t do to haphazardly decide on adopting a content marketing strategy without clearly knowing why or how you’re going to do it. First, you’ll have to consider your purpose and what your campaign wants to achieve.

Then, you’ll have to understand who your target audience is and build your brand story accordingly. Following that, you’ll need your ‘how’ or the process in which you will carry out your marketing campaigns. Lastly, you’ll need to have a way to measure your performance and impact.

Here are some tools that could get you started on your campaigns. We’ve rounded out the options for a more balanced process.

Backend Tools

  • BuzzSumo – this tool is indispensable when you need to analyse topics to find out which are trending in your industry and zoom in on relevant content influencers.
  • SemRush – a handy little tool that gives you an overview of the state of search marketing, especially in relation to competitors, keywords, ads and rankings.
  • Ahrefs – arguably one of the best research tools for creating content marketing, Ahrefs can give you a blueprint of who your industry competitors are and how to outrank them on the SERPs.
  • Basecamp – use this tool to manage your content marketing projects and organise internal and external communications channels.

Creation Tools

  • Canva – when you want high-quality images for your content that you can generate fairly easily and for a low cost, then this tool is your answer. It has several templates and layouts for you to choose from.
  • MailChimp – email marketing is still a big contributor to overall lead generation. This tool lets you manage your email campaigns effectively on a dashboard.
  • Grammarly – currently the most widely utilised content platform is text-based. This tool helps you build up trust with your readers by making helpful and detailed suggestions to improve your copy.
  • InVideo – videos are overtaking many of its counterparts. You’ll need a great video editor to take advantage of this and produce stunning marketing videos.

Curation and Reach Tools

  • Tweriod – tweet when your audience is online and track engagements and interactions with your posts with ease with this tool.
  • GetResponse – this marketing tool helps you nurture your prospects down the funnel by triggering automated emails based on their previous actions.
  • MashShare – improve reach rates by making the share buttons more obvious. With this plugin, you can give your social shares a significant boost.
  • HootSuite – a content curation powerhouse, this tool allows you to schedule posts across different social media platforms so you can post your best content right when most of your audience is present — even when you’re not around!

02-Aug-10-2020-07-10-45-03-AMLeave It to Content Marketing Experts

Congratulations, you’ve got the basics of content marketing and the tools you’ll need to function. But that’s exactly what it is: the basics. What we’ve mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg.

To truly maximise your brand’s content marketing potential, it’ll be better to leave things in the hands of professionals like our team at Axadra. We’re an outsourced digital marketing agency that’s ready to act as your trusty support team!

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