Website Improvements Customers Are Prioritising during the Global Crisis

Personal health and family safety aren’t the only considerations in the time of a pandemic. As a digital services agency owner, operational and marketing blueprints will have to be adapted to keep doors open now and in the immediate future.

With strict social distancing measures in place, online channels of conducting business like websites are a more critical business asset than ever. Business owners are revamping their digital strategies in the United Kingdom and implementing website tweaks to take the current situation into account.

Which site upgrades should your agency be expecting to increase in demand?

Content & Information

A website’s visitors will be looking for information or solutions that will make their lives a little easier amidst the chaos. Businesses will thus be looking to present online content that’s relevant, up-to-date, and accessible.

Online video- and presentation-friendly content system

Businesses that used to rely heavily on personal demos, trade shows, and other types of face-to-face interactions to generate business have been hit harder by the crisis and subsequent lockdowns than others.

Fortunately, the digital platform can be very accommodating. Businesses will be creating more online video presentations and looking for convenient ways to upload or embed them on their websites.

Update logistical, scheduling, and inventory details

Another aspect of businesses that the pandemic significantly impacted is their regular processes. Supply chains, office hours, and other logistical areas will likely have an ad hoc feel to its schedules for the meantime.

As everyone will likely be affected on some level the same as businesses, end customers are more likely to be understanding of the situation. Businesses will want to pay them back (and maintain their credibility with customers) with the courtesy of posting accurate information on their website.

Paid Ads Strategies

The pandemic is bad news for the continuity of a lot of short-term lead generation strategies, PPC among them. If it doesn’t fully trigger an economic downturn, then the shift in buyer behaviour that won’t make sense with current campaigns will be noticeable, at the very least.

Businesses will be taking a good look at their paid ads analytics in order to identify emerging trends. They’ll be fixating on those and pushing ad spend on it that while pausing campaigns that have stagnated in the time being. Furthermore, they will need a site that impresses from the get-go to route all the traffic.

eCommerce Capability

Physical stores that carry necessities are currently bearing the brunt of a buying spree. That’s not expected to last long as several online retailers are opening or upgrading their eCommerce stores. These businesses will be looking for web development services that can help improve their inventory, marketing, and pricing features.

01-5Need Website Design Upgrade Help?

With demand for upgraded and responsive websites steadily increasing in light of the crisis, your agency might be having a hard time keeping up. See how the services of a reliable outsourced digital services provider, Axadra, can help ease your burden with our website design and development solutions.

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