Vanity vs Value: Data-Driven KPIs that You Need to Monitor Right Now!

There’s a lot of business to be made from digital content marketing campaigns these days. And characteristic of such a lucrative opportunity is that so many analytics tools and related resources have sprung up to help marketers do their job and the like make their lives easier.

Unfortunately, it should seem that there are so many of these tools going around. It can be a right headache trying to sift through which you should be paying attention to first — if they’re even equally important.

We’ve compiled a definitive list of measurable, data-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should be tracking to see how well your campaign is doing.


Site Activity and Web Traffic

Before anything else, you’ll want to establish a baseline with which you could compare the results of your digital marketing efforts and use it as a guideline for improvement. Monitor the before and after numbers on the following:

  • Number of unique and returning visitors per channel, monthly
  • Average time spent on the site and subsequent bounce rate
  • Click-through rate on webpages
  • User navigation path
  • Lead generation rates

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the most profitable lead generation channels is content, which is meant to deliver organic search traffic. Dedicate resources to monitor this aspect of the campaign so you can work on acquiring highly coveted leads.

  • Inbound website links
  • Organic search traffic (baseline and new)
  • Conversion rates from organic search, per keyword and call-to-action content
  • Content and landing page authority
  • Page and top keyword rankings on Google (baseline and increase)
  • Number of unique traffic-driving keywords

Sales and Revenue

Even if every campaign had a different goal, they’re basically all the same in the way that their overarching goal is to increase your sales and revenue. Make sure to add KPIs that evaluate both to your marketing overview:

  • Revenue per customer and per channel
  • Overall campaign revenue
  • Total sales
  • Conversion and response rates

Campaign Profitability

Conventional wisdom dictates that you have to spend money to make money. Therefore, a business’ marketing campaigns can only be declared successful when the cashflow is positive. Track these metrics to determine how much money is coming into the business as opposed to how much is going out:

  • Cost per lead
  • Profit per customer
  • Net income and ROI
  • Customer attrition

Customer Engagement and Brand Reputation

The way a target market perceives a brand and how it chooses to interact with it is a key determiner of future, long-term success. So, monitor the chatter and steer brand conversations towards a more positive direction using these metrics:

  • Brand awareness and media mentions
  • Market share and retention rate
  • Positive and negative comments
  • Customer lifetime value

01-Aug-18-2020-02-33-54-89-PMGain More Insights into Business KPIs

With all the ways you can measure your digital marketing activity floating around online, it’ll be easy to fall into the trap of trying to measure any performance indicator under the sun. Avoid being overwhelmed by all the options by talking to Axadra, an outsourced digital marketing service provider.

We are your go-to team when you need a campaign to be handled expertly so it can deliver positive results. Improve your campaign today.

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