5 Pandemic Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Get on Now

2020 was not kind to anyone — the pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures disrupted society on all levels, even forcing the commercial sector to rethink the way they operate and conduct their digital marketing efforts.

As a small business owner trying to cope, you’ve probably had to rely more than ever on your online presence to bring in customers. You’re not the only one doing that, though. A majority of companies and marketers are in the midst of a massive digital transformation

To help you assess your strategy for the new year, we’ve compiled a list of digital marketing trends for 2021 and show you how you can make it work to your advantage.

Paused Digital Marketing Campaign Launches to Resume

Numerous businesses elected to hold back the launch of new digital campaigns, pause existing ones or defer their plans to outsource digital marketing services in respect to the gravity of the situation. 

The pressure is on to keep operations running, however, and they are expected to resume or even ramp up their activities this summer. Make sure that you adjust your own campaigns to reflect the influx of competition online.

01 Major Changes to Online Marketing Campaigns

Businesses are re-thinking how they execute their marketing campaigns.

Major Changes to Existing Online Marketing Campaign

Almost half of marketers (42%) state that their teams didn’t have the bandwidth to radically alter their digital marketing plans at a drop of a hat. Instead, they’ve been re-prioritising and learning about creating valuable content during the lockdown.

The result is that existing content marketing strategies have gone through moderate changes to major overhauls to better suit the more digitally focused context of their audiences.

Start the new year at an advantage by revisiting your campaign strategies and making appropriate adjustments, paying particular attention to your social media platforms — a majority of your market has been spending more time there as of late.

Search for Better Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Convenient in-office communication took a blow when lockdown measures took effect. Around a fourth of employees working from home experienced difficulties communicating and collaborating effectively on top of having to shift their business’ priorities.

To avoid the same pitfalls for your workers this year, make sure to invest in collaborative tools like Basecamp, an online task manager and communication channel rolled into one.

02 Upskilling Digitl Marketing Competentcies

Employees are gaining new digital competencies during their downtime.

Upskilling Digital Marketing Competencies

Thinking of putting yourself and your team into extra training sessions and seminars to broaden or upgrade your skill sets? You better! This matter is of special interest to your digital marketing team or service provider.

A survey revealed that 76% of businesses used the downtime caused by the lockdowns to upskill in the areas of SEO, social media, and data analytics. If you want to stay competitive, you need to make sure that your team’s abilities are not only current, but valuable in light of the current situation.

Implementation of More Digital Transformation Strategies

It’s already apparent that a majority of SMBs’ target audience has migrated much of their old activities online. In response to this, a significant number of companies have plans to digitally transform their operations beyond just marketing online.

Although this sort of progression is expected for the industry, the pandemic has set it to overdrive. In order to stay a step ahead, your business needs better tech solutions, like those that allow better aggregation and analysis of customer data.

Whether your business has already made provisions to get a leg up on the recovery or is just about to it, you can count on an emerging method to help you make a clean transition from the outdated model to a more efficient one capable of withstanding the pressures of a global crisis: Digital Process Outsourcing by Axadra.

03 Digital Process Outsourcing

Discover the optimal way to do online marketing with digital process outsourcing.

Trust Your Digital Transformation to Us

Axadra, a digital marketing agency, can help your transition to a digital presence that provides your consumers with an online experience that is aware of their expectations and uses the best available tools and technologies to address them at every step of their journey.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Digital Process Outsourcing service.

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