Top 7 Digital Outsourcing Service Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

A majority of businesses are no stranger to outsourcing. In fact, third parties are commonly contracted to augment a company’s digital marketing services or provide an innovative online solution an in-house team can’t handle or aren’t equipped to resolve on their own. The ready influx of skills and resources have proven time and again that, when done properly, outsourcing can be a valuable asset to any organisation’s growth strategy.

For too long, however, outsourcing has been considered the embarrassing secret of company operations. The stigma of using a third party to handle a business’ digital marketing campaigns needs to end if we want to properly utilise it as the growth opportunity it actually is.

Read about how we debunk 7 digital outsourcing myths and misconceptions here:

Outsourcing is not the same as offshoringMyth 1: Outsourcing is the same as offshoring

Fact: They sound similar, and the terms might come up in the same conversation. However, they allude to two different things, depending on the status of the service provider.

The simplest way to break down the two terms is that:

  • Outsourcing refers to an agreement between a client and a third-party provider to deliver a service or product over a period of time. This may occur due to a need to efficiently scale up operations or to fill in a gap in the client-organisation’s talent pool.
  • Offshoring is a business practice where an organisation moves the work process to a different country, perhaps to save on costs and pay lower taxes, but it doesn’t involve a third-party to produce the product or service; all the workers are still employees of the company or employed by a subsidiary.

It should be noted that the term “offshore outsourcing” exists, and it is the only time the two words do share characteristics. Offshore outsourcing is exactly what it says: the term combines the two business strategies related to the individual terms so the client-partner can gain both their benefits.

Myth 2: Outsourcing means giving up control of your projects

Fact: Your digital marketing solutions handled from halfway around the world will be as effective as one that was run in the next room, except there’s less on your plate when you outsource.

This worst-case-scenario will only happen if you outsource to an unscrupulous agency. So, when you look for a digital marketing provider to trust your outsourced work to, do your due diligence and only team up with a company that puts particular emphasis on transparency.

A great outsourcing partner will always keep you in the loop, prepare reports and update you regularly on the campaign’s progress, as well as utilise various communication and collaboration tools that improve all parties’ ability to interact in real-time with each other. With open communication channels, you’ll never feel like your projects are getting away from you.

Myth 3: Outsourcing providers turn in low-quality products and services

Fact: Outsourcing isn’t the cause of poor-quality digital marketing results; rather, it’s the lack of training and management that results in a less-than-stellar performance.

You won’t be putting your operations and your company’s good standing in the industry  in jeopardy when you outsource your work to a partner with a pool of skilled and experienced digital marketers. The expert labor will reflect on the overall price tag, but it’s a reasonable compromise between having to maintain an in-house digital marketing department and sacrificing quality in the hands of amateurs.

Outsourcing doesn't compromise your company’s privacy and data securityMyth 4: Outsourcing compromises your company’s privacy and data security

Fact: In any field, there isn’t anyone else more invested in your privacy and security, besides yourself, than an outsourcing provider worth their salt.

Outsourcing runs on trust between partners. The digital marketing firms and agencies that provide it as a service have a vested interest in protecting their clients’ data as it’s the key to their own growth and success. In fact, data security is one of the aspects that make them competitive as a business in the industry.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, then check out their organisation’s reputation and the experiences their past clients had with them. It’ll usually be a good indicator if you can build a healthy and beneficial work relationship with one another.

Myth 5: Outsourcing is detrimental to the country’s economy

Fact: Businesses that outsource work actually strengthen their country’s economic position due to the resulting increase in productivity and efficiency.

There’s more to the matter than simply equating offshore outsourcing a digital marketing job to the loss of a domestic employment opportunity. In fact, a study by Möhlmann and Groot states that employees were 32% less likely to lose their job if they worked in a firm that outsourced internationally due to the opportunity to increase size and employment, as well as the need for more labour to manage contracts abroad.

What outsourcing your digital processes to another agency in another country means is that your business gains the opportunity to refocus its in-house resources and talents on achieving important business objectives and goals:

  • Providing better goods and services at reasonable prices 
  • Working on the overall, long-term growth and development of the organisation
  • Securing bigger tax revenues 
  • Opening new employment opportunities to skilled individuals

Myth 6: Outsourcing is complicated by language, cultural and geographical barriers

Fact: Offshore digital marketing outsource service providers are almost completely unhindered by cultural or geographical obstacles due to an increasingly integrated world.

Navigating the language and cultural differences of offshore outsourcing agencies shouldn’t have to be a concern. Several countries speak English quite comfortably and are used to working with international clients, so you can expect that processes were adjusted accordingly.

As to the differences in the time-zone, businesses should think of it as an advantage to the existing work processes. Because the outsourced service team is operating on another shift, it should just take some creative scheduling to ensure your project is running 24/7. There’s great potential for better efficiency and quicker turnaround times right there.

Myth 7: Outsourcing is only convenient for large firms

Fact: Any organisation size can enter an outsourcing arrangement and significantly benefit from it. SMBs are increasingly more open to the prospect in order to support their growth.

That only big and well-established companies can outsource their digital marketing processes is one of the more pervasive misconceptions about hiring third party providers. The truth is that various small- to medium-sized companies can partner with specialised agencies to scale an operation or find new and tailored solutions to a problem

The flexibility and scope of digital marketing services a third party offers allows businesses stay in budget because they gain access to digital experts without having to train these professionals and they can make sure that their project stays on track.

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