4 Proven Methods that Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

The global lockdowns and prevalent social distancing measures, among the health concerns inherent in the issue, have left business owners in the United Kingdom with a handful of options as to how they can move their products and deliver services.

With entire lives being driven online, the most obvious option for struggling businesses would be to take their operations on the digital sphere. But with every other business suddenly vying for the time and attention of consumers online, how do you make your offers standout and appeal to them?

Generating Online Leads for Your Store

There are several ways to get your brand noticed online and even more ways to tackle each method. We’ve compiled a list of the best tried-and-tested methods and updated the approach based on the current situation around the world.

Invest in Google Shopping and Other PPC Initiatives

The most direct route to gaining traffic is to buy it. There isn’t any shame to the subtle art of pay-per-click. However, with the times being as it is, many UK business owners may shy away from spending their budget on PPC advertising like Google Shopping or Google Ads.

01 - Imgs of Google Shopping and Google Ads

There’s a way to make the venture a little less like a shot in the dark, fortunately. You’ll just need to be more vigilant with your settings:

  • Focus campaigns to improve your quality score
  • Reevaluate your match types
  • Segment conversion to avoid re-marketing overspend
  • Target people on their mobiles
  • Use bid modifiers to your advantage

Lastly, broaden your horizons. Google isn’t the only place you can win at PPC. There are other formats available to you, and they could be your ticket to a successful campaign. Check it out here.

Leverage Your SEO Capabilities and Start Producing Premium 10X Content

Optimise your content so you generate organic traffic. One of the best ways to garner the right attention — search engine- and user-wise — is to produce and strategically distribute premium 10x Content.


From detailed user guides or videos to deconstructions and long-form essays, your options as to what to create 10x content about is only limited by your creativity and willingness to see things through. To create 10x content is to become an innovator ahead of the curve because it demands vision. You’ll need to consider the:

  • Angle – it must be fresh and capture the attention of your audience
  • Expertise – a hot take is nothing if you can’t back it up with authority
  • Value – innovative takes and evidence to back it up should serve the grander purpose of being valuable to the audience.

Incentivise, Start a Referral Program, Throw a Giveaway

There’s more to your market than a cut and dry contract between the buyer and seller. Your audience is also your unique ecosystem with influence over their smaller circles — so utlitise them. You could:

03 - Referral andor rewards img

  • Set up a referral program – encourage your audience to share their favorite product or service from your company on their social media platforms in exchange for discounts, store credit, or even free gifts.
  • Throw a giveaway – rewards are always a good incentive to get people to participate and spread word of your business. Offer a free coupon or free shipping privileges to people who sign up or get others to sign up and participate in your contest.

Use Video Content and Social Media

Social media platforms are gaining more popularity and boasting better features all the time. Leverage this opportunity by building a wide and accessible presence on various relevant social media channels.

04 - Video content on social media img

The best way to show up and amplify this online presence? Video content. Based on Facebook data alone, you’ll be reeling in more audiences to consume your content and getting a significantly higher rate of engagement (compared to images) when you generate valuable video content. Video on social media is the future.

Don’t Miss Out on a Sale Online

Your business’ best bet to riding out the upheaval of current events may very well lie in the success of your online store. And to do that you need to train your focus on increasing high quality traffic and getting interested buyers to visit your eCommerce site.

Start integrating these tactics into your marketing strategy today or turn to a reliable agency like Axadra to handle things for you. Not only do we have the skill and capability to run a successful digital marketing campaign, which includes SEO and PPC services for businesses in the UK, but our professionals can help you make informed decisions regarding your options and overall online strategy.

Talk to us today for more information.


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