Ensuring Brand Relevance During and After a Pandemic


There’s been a massive shift in consumer behaviour as of late — one that is arguably still evolving as of the writing of this blog. Data from SEMRush’s studies shows growing industry trends across various platforms that all point to the rise in online or digital solutions.

The results come as no surprise. The pandemic has irrevocably changed how consumers interact with and consume a brand.

If your business still hasn’t made the adjustment, then it’s high time that you did and pivot to a marketing strategy that puts digital first. This will keep eyes on your brand and help keep it on the minds of your consumers long after the crisis. Let’s talk about that.

01 - Tweak or implement marketing strategies for the pandemic

Tweak or implement marketing strategies for the pandemic

Do an audit of the marketing channels you’re currently running. Are the digital initiatives enough to generate and support the leads that you need to keep your business solvent? Your answer should tell you what needs to be done, from quick website tweaks that make conversion more likely to expansions into new social media platforms.

Search engine optimisation is your best friend (now and in the long run)

Your website is your online brand ambassador in the UK so you better believe that you’ll have to make plans for this investment well into the future. With a lot of things on hold or completely turned on its head because of COVID-19, this is the perfect time to get cracking on polishing those plans.

Target those keywords and secure them from your competitors, optimise website content for the situation and set it up for a relatively quick recovery so your SERP rankings improve.

Pay-per-Click advertising is still worth it — with some conditions

Traffic to digital media platforms, from Facebook and YouTube to various news sites is booming as entire nations settle in for quarantine or social distancing. Investing in paid ads is a great way to take advantage of the larger pool of potential leads online at the moment.

An added incentive to put paid ads on your pandemic marketing budget plan? Cost-per-clicks for several industries have declined significantly as other businesses pull back on their spend and usage goes up. Check if your business’ competition has followed that pattern — it’ll be a cost effective way to stay visible and generate site traffic.

Experiment with innovative content and expand into new platforms

It’s never a nice thing to do, but thinking about the ways you can use the situation to your favour is what’s going to get your business through the global crisis. So, with more time and the freedom knowing that people are likely going to be more forgiving of your birthing pains, experiment with new media and expand into a new social platform.

You can leverage your expertise to run a podcast, live-stream some interesting content about your brand or your business, and, if it suits your digital persona, then why not try for something that could go viral? Break into TikTok! The online world could be your marketing oyster, if you worked on it.

Balance your initial experiments with community management, of course. Keep a content calendar, no matter the platform you’re on and engage with your audience.

02 - Making sure your services stick for the later phasesMaking sure your services stick for the later phases

Remember that you’re not only here to make sure your business survives the crisis. While the urgency of the situation will certainly be at the forefront of your mind, remember to have a strategy in place that factors in what happens after immediate threat has passed.

It’s also fair to assume that once things calm down that things won’t magically revert to the way things were before. The online and remote solutions that are put into place now will likely be a convenience that consumers will demand post-coronavirus.

So make sure that the measures you put into place right now aren’t just adapted to be useful while everyone’s social distancing — they should also be good enough to remain the natural option for the discerning client afterwards.

If you need help adapting your long-term strategy to the current situation and beyond, turn to Axadra. We’re a digital marketing solutions provider that caters to the needs of partners from the United Kingdom. Our team is committed to ensuring your brand gets noticed while the public health crisis goes on. We’ll also keep your brand in the spotlight long after things calm down.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.


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