Social Media Lead Generation: Facebook or LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing, the methodology, is a comprehensive strategy that covers many styles and can accommodate a broad range of interpretations. As long as the key tenets of attracting, engaging and delighting a target audience are fulfilled, there’s really no wrong way to set up your campaign (though there are certainly key items you should use to measure your campaign’s success).

In fact, it’s this flexibility that makes it a lead generation priority to many brands and companies.

The dynamism of inbound marketing also means that marketers always have to be on their toes, constantly on the lookout in case new (or revamped) platforms pull in a significant following comprised of a brand’s target audience. It can be said that identifying where consumers are gathering is half the battle of generating leads.

A Tale of Two Platforms

As a business, which social media channel should you be focusing your marketing efforts on? We’ll be taking a look at the two biggest platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for B2BLinkedIn

If you’re a business or agency that wants to draw in B2B leads, then you definitely won’t go wrong with LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals. A study by Smart Insights & Clutch revealed that the platform is the top choice for marketers (93%) looking to make connections with other businesses.

Can you do double duty on LinkedIn and try B2C targeted inbound marketing? Of course! While the social network does shine in B2B matters, it still has a significant consumer following; 74% of B2C marketers say that the platform is a critical aspect of their social efforts.

Facebook for B2CFacebook

Several B2B marketers run campaigns on Facebook. Around 82% of them won’t be removing the social network from their campaigns anytime soon. But, given its more-personal bent, Facebook takes the cake when talking about best B2C marketing bang for your buck. The network is a valuable lead generation engine for a massive 96% of B2C marketers.

Facebook can also play a critical role in your PPC campaigns. Check out our comparison article on FB Ads vs Google Ads to see how you can maximise your work!

The Verdict

When you want your brand to be noticed, it’s reasonable to want to have presences in platforms already saturated with users. However, you can further zoom into your target audience by picking which of these big online hubs would be best for you. Depending on your business’ needs, there will be platforms that are more naturally suited to fulfilling your inbound marketing goals.

Whether you opt to focus efforts on LinkedIn or Facebook or, better yet, maintain a presence on both platforms, is up to the strategy you’ve created. The take away here is to consider your target audience and the digital spaces they’re more likely to be occupying.

You can also hire professional help to juggle the different digital platforms and the opportunities they offer.

Identify Other Hotspots for Your Audience

While Facebook and LinkedIn have the biggest draws in terms of general consumer audiences, they aren’t the only platforms that could net you a lot of quality leads. You’ll need experts in the digital marketing field to help you determine which platforms are most relevant to your company’s needs.

Get in touch with Axadra today, and we can discuss other social media platforms that could be hosting your next hot leads. We provide clients in the UK with a range of inbound marketing solutions, including SEO and PPC.

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