Managing eCommerce Sites? Start Using Google Shopping Ads to Drive High-Value Traffic

Pandemic-related physical distancing restrictions have stricken several businesses. To survive, many were compelled to migrate their shops online in roughly a short span of time.

With this singular massive event, it’s expected that there would be an uptick in new and first-time eCommerce store owners looking for capable hands to give them advice about it or manage it fully for them.

Is your agency ready to take on the responsibility of helping these business owners go through their growing pains stabilizing their online presence with the help of PPC services in the long-run? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

We’ve prepared a quick how-to of one of your most powerful tools in driving high-value traffic to your partners’ online stores: Google Shopping.

Create and Build Up a Product Feed

Arguably one of the most important steps to creating and successfully managing an online store that uses Google Shopping is putting together the inventory. The product feed, without mincing words, is the entirety of what you’re selling and information about them.

Google Shopping is very strict about the data that’s provided, and it needs to be laid out in its approved format. So, double-check your entries and against Google’s product data specs. If the store you’re managing is quite big, explore apps or plugin options that could handle the load.

Connect to Google Merchant Center

The next step to the eCommerce store set up is connecting the completed product feed to the Google Merchant Center (GMC). Some platforms, like Shopify, automatically connect with the system, but others will require manual inputting, so choose carefully.

It’s an arguably straightforward thing to connect to the GMC, but you’ll have to spend some time tweaking and taking care of errors based on the quality of data you’ve provided. Only then can you move on with your Shopping Ads.

01-3Opt for Standard Shopping Campaign

The Standard Shopping Ads option allows you to manually control various aspects of your campaign, including bidding values, where your ads are displayed, and search queries they show up for.

NOTE: Google has launched another option, Smart Shopping Ads, which was marketed as an easy way to automate your ad campaigns. However tempting it can be, relinquishing that much control over critical aspects of a campaign, especially when the store is still trying to establish a presence, can do more harm than good. Sticking to manual adjustments for now is highly recommended.

In the meantime, here’s how else can you tweak your campaign to preserve funds:

Use Negative Keywords

Google Shopping’s default settings don’t allow you to choose which keywords your Ads show up for. This could be problematic as it could bog down your campaign with inefficiencies and drains your ad budget.

You can get around this limitation somewhat through the use of negative keywords, which will prevent the ad from showing up for specific queries.

Maximise Clicks with Manual CPC

Manual CPC is one of the most common and well-known bidding strategies around, and for a good reason. As you can infer from the name, it’s a strategy that requires the ads manager to manually adjust maximum bids for clicks on an ad group or keyword level.

It’s perfect for online stores just starting out because detailed management of the campaign allows you to conserve the ads budget while waiting for conversion data to come in.

Shopping Campaign Structure

Most ads managers are good about separating products according to groups so they can bid differently for each product. That’s fine. But search query quality is also important, and this is where they fall short.

The more specific the keyword, the higher the chance for a conversion, so you can afford to allot more of the budget on it. Structure your campaigns to reflect the differing levels of keyword and query importance.

02-1Find a Google Shopping Ads Partner

Managing pay-per-click campaigns for eCommerce stores will be so much easier with a partner your could rely on to have your back. Axadra is a digital marketing company that provides PPC services that help drive high-value traffic to online stores.

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