Maximise Your Lead Generation Potential with Consistent Inbound Marketing Content

Much has been said about inbound marketing’s ability to bring in high-quality leads and set conversions into motion. From actively opting to utilise the Hubspot philosophy to targeting particular audiences based on the buyer persona the company marketing team has put together, it reads like a dream.

Marketers who want to reach their goals sigh in relief because inbound marketing exists.

Is it all that it’s cracked up to be, though? Many hopeful marketers and business owners often find themselves disillusioned because the strategy doesn’t deliver as promised. Inbound marketing, for all intents and purposes, is a pretty straightforward plan — if you’re done everything on the checklist, why don’t you have more leads or sustain your conversion rates?

01Consistent Inbound Content Marketing StrategyContent Consistency Is Key

As all campaigns are, by dint of how inbound marketing is reliant on the marketers’ skill and understanding of the market, the audience, and search engine optimisation, different from one another, there is no one diagnosis on what in particular is throwing a wrench in your plans — you’ll need to speak with a digital marketing consultant.

There is, however, one common error marketers commit that could be resolved even without the explicit say-so of a professional. Check the consistency of your inbound marketing campaign’s content. How are you doing on that front? If you find yourself falling a little flat on sustaining your momentum, then don’t be too pressed. You’re not alone.

In fact, a stunning 70% of marketers lack a regular and harmonious content strategy. If it’s not the varying quality of the content being produced, it’s the frequency of generation. Failing that, it’s the cohesiveness of the content that’s coming out. So, take a good look at your content lineup (that includes your calendar schedule for the next couple of months!) and ask yourself:

Is my content consistent?

02Quality Content for More LeadsGetting Yourself Out of Your Rut

Barring critical complications in the design and execution of your inbound marketing campaign’s content, you should be able to easily address the issue of consistency. All you’ll need are some adjustments and a bit more structure to your plan. Here’re some things to keep in mind when re-optimising your content strategy:

Consistent quality is key. Your customers are there on your site or platform for a reason — make sure that you deliver what they want and expect. Each piece you produce for your target audience needs to be not only fresh and high-quality but also relevant to them.

Frequency keeps you visible. Be sure to keep a steady influx of content coming for your audience to enjoy and learn from. Not only does fresh content keep reeling customers into your website, but it also guarantees that search engines have a reason to keep you visible — which will help keep your brand in your consumers’ minds.

Strive for topic cohesion. It pays to understand and deliver what your audience wants. You can make things even better when you curate the content that you produce even more. Utilise your content calendar to gain visibility over what you’ll be putting out within the next few months, tweaking it so that it’s always timely but still falls under the same theme you have planned for the campaign. It makes it easier for consumers to follow the story you are trying to weave.

Work with Digital Content Professionals

Inbound marketing as a service and as a simple philosophy can be executed in myriad ways depending on your resources and goals. If you need help with any part of the process, be it ideation, strategy execution, quality content generation, or follow-up, turn to the digital marketing professionals at Axadra.

We produce quality content and provide team skills essential to the success of your UK business. Call us today to learn more about inbound content marketing.

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