Inbound Marketing Matters: How This Clever Strategy Wins You More Conversions

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The pandemic has pushed most if not all businesses to adjust to the “new normal.” One critical aspect to do is how marketing is done. If these businesses weren’t already online and digitally promoting their brand through inbound marketing, then the pandemic has pushed the timeline on their migration. Otherwise, they risk going out of business.

With even more competition online trying to grab your target market’s attention, however, your message could be drowned out. You’ll need to go above and beyond merely using inbound marketing; rather, you’ll have to maximise your brand’s potential and grab every opportunity to convert leads by acting strategically.

Maximising Your Inbound Marketing 

01 Inboud Marketing Flywheel

The inbound marketing methodology was a concept developed by HubSpot more than a decade ago in response to a need for a more modern way of selling a brand to consumers. Using a flywheel system made up of attracting, engaging with and delighting target markets, it illustrated the growth potential of a company if they concentrated on delivering great value and experience to their customers.

What are the core characteristics of this marketing strategy?

A clear target persona(s). Inbound marketing revolves around the best experience a brand could provide their customers or potential customers. Therefore, it’s critical that a business have a clear idea of who they are delivering their message to and where they are gathering online — chief among these spaces are Facebook and LinkedIn, which can boost your conversion potential depending on your market.

The deeper understanding of their audience’s needs and wants will help them tailor the experience and content they produce so it’ll be more useful.

A content calendar that’s killer. Once you know who you’re talking to, don’t be shy. Use that information. Create content that they’ll need and want to consume. Put out pieces and videos that will make your audience think, feel and learn — make them want to engage with you. Do this often enough with the use of a full content calendar and you’ll be able to create a niche for your brand in their lives.

A website that’s optimised. All the great content you’re putting out will be for nothing if you don’t also manage to lead your audience to your platform. Make sure that your site is optimised for search engines, especially Google, which is the go-to resource for searchers online.

A convincing landing page(s). Here’s your hook. Once you’ve drawn them in with the brilliant combination of search engine optimisation and quality content, you’ll have better chances of getting them to exchange their details for your what you have on offer (an ebook, a free service, etc.).

02 Increase Leads with Inboundn Marketing

More than 70% Increase in Leads

These days, the inbound marketing method has only grown into a revolutionary force in the marketing industry. With around ¾ of marketers and marketing departments applying this approach to draw in leads and reporting massively positive results, inbound marketing’s effectiveness is undoubtable.

How can you ensure that you’re grabbing every opportunity in the digital landscape to generate leads and secure your conversions?

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