Reinventing Internet Marketing Solutions through Digital Process Outsourcing

The pursuit of better ways of doing things has long been a human preoccupation. In the past couple of years, however, the activity has gone through a massive transformation in the digital sphere. From industries in their entirety all the way down to individual businesses, a majority are utilising digital processes to ease the burden of a task or job. And it’s certainly been a welcome lifeline during these unprecedented times. 

Each digital tool that is developed brings technological system improvements, like more efficient operations and reduced process costs. They thus lead to a more flexible repertoire of solutions. That’s only scratching the surface of what one can do with the digital process, however. More than the enhancement of physical working conditions and operations, the system could also be harnessed to cover less tangible matters like marketing one’s business online.


What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?

Marketing is the practice of using any available means or channel to spread a target audience’s awareness of a brand or that brand’s capabilities in order to draw in potential clients and grow that business’ customer pool. 

For years, it was the playground of in-house teams from big-brand companies that could spare the manpower and afford the heavy toll on resources. But digital transformation has drastically leveled the playing field via internet marketing, which is, in a nutshell, everything that regular marketing is but with the added benefit of being significantly more cost-effective, far-reaching, exacting, and even more diverse. 

Internet or digital marketing changed the name of the game. Businesses could now promote themselves or their brand using digital tools like email marketing, search engine and social media marketing, display and mobile advertising to drive traffic and subsequent sales.

It gave rise to a trend of advertising and marketing agencies that catered to the needs of less digitally savvy business owners of small and medium enterprises with less in the way of budgets and more to gain. 

Why is Internet Marketing Critical in Today’s Climate?

In the past, consumers were dependent on the information fed to them by the very same businesses they bought their goods or hired services from. Now, they have found a voice online — or, rather, voices

Consumers are turning to a growing and thriving network of crowd-sourced information for help with their buying decisions. This means that the power over who can influence final purchasing decisions is heavily skewed to the consumers’ side.

When further applied to current circumstances which led to lockdowns and travel and social distancing restrictions on a global scale, internet marketing’s role in the global business community is further emphasised; not only are customers dependent on online voices on various social media platforms to sway their purchasing decisions, but they are also online to make those purchases.

There has never been a time when investing in digital marketing solutions for your business made more sense.


Businesses’ Benefit from Internet Marketing

How Do Businesses Benefit from Internet Marketing?

Marketing materials cost-efficiency. Cost is always going to be a consideration for any business. Often, it’s the marketing budget that first takes the hit when the company needs to cut back on its spending. With the onset of internet marketing and the growth of the digital landscape, however, many businesses are able to bypass the prohibitive expense related to running several high-cost traditional marketing campaigns. 

Internet marketing, therefore, is an effective and cost-effective method for spreading brand awareness and gaining new traffic. It scraps the costs of physical retail markets, recurring costs of property maintenance and rental significantly, if not entirely. 

Another consideration is that, without the need for a physical store, there is no need to keep your shelves lined with products. Rather, you could simply restock when it’s necessary instead of incorrectly anticipating the demand for your product.

Reasonable and convenient working hours. With an internet marketing strategy in place, you could be the business hero of your employees. Not only will you be cutting down your expenses while advertising your company round-the-clock; you’ll also be removing concerns over staff wages, overtime and store hours. Customers can simply shop for your products and services online on your website when it’s convenient for them, irrespective of when your physical store closes.

Furthermore, the combination of a digital platform with which to sell your product or service and an internet marketing strategy means that you can go global. The different time zones in different parts of the world won’t affect your campaigns.

Personalised advertising approach. Internet marketing not only opened new channels with which to reach out to and engage with a business’ target audience. It also made the manner in which enterprises communicated with said audience easily customisable. 

By compiling a customer profile with their preferences and purchase history, businesses can send out targeted offers that suit customers’ needs and personalise communications between them and their clients, further strengthening the business’ brand image and presence. 

The data you gather to be able to personalise your campaigns can also help you plan your moves better. You can help increase the value of your sales by consumers with a more accurate understanding of your customers’ behaviors and pain points.

Diversification of online platforms. While the internet provides a general avenue with which to market your brand and products and services, it doesn’t mean that it is a homogenous channel. There are various platforms that draw in different types of users with different tastes and needs. Chief among these are social media platforms.

Social media’s function goes beyond acting as a digital space where users can gather. Although virtual in nature, social media is still a community — and businesses can leverage that power to positively influence online revenue growth.

Consumers are strongly influenced by their social networks, especially when the forum allows for comments, reviews, and other easy ways to engage and share thoughts with others. By incorporating social media into an advertising campaign, therefore, a business stands to gain much in the way of profits.

Enhanced ability to retain clients. An internet presence already makes it easier for your customers to find you. The ease and convenience of finding a solution to their problem is a double-edged sword, however; your competition has as much of a chance of being found and luring paying customers away from you. 

How do you retain your target market’s attention?

Building strong, lasting relationships with customers is a simple, but often overlooked aspect of brand building and which internet marketing holds a natural edge. While using this strategy, businesses can contact or engage with prospects and existing buyers to send information about special discounts, new products or services, etc., generally keeping their name at the forefront of consumers’ minds. 

Another way you can build upon your relationship with your customers is to add a personal touch to the information packet your business sends out. Alternatively, you could also invite them to share their thoughts on their purchases by submitting a review. 

Not only do reviews and other types of engagement contribute to your social signals, but it also fosters a healthy community network between other customers. 

Extended reach via social media. Internet marketing, by way of social media platforms, not only allows you to bypass employee working hours and advertise in different time zones. Marketing your business online allows you to overcome a slew of barriers related to distance, such as setting up shop in those faraway places; it means a global reach for your business. 

With the ability to get in touch with customers all around the world, your small- to medium-sized business can compete on a level playing field with multinational companies.  

Maximising Your Internet Marketing Potential through Outsourcing

The case in favor of utilising internet marketing solutions is solid. Certainly, the benefits of using it as part of your brand awareness and advertising strategy are significant enough to consider barriers to using it negligible. There is one consideration, however: methodology.

With all the advantages promised and the relative ease of access to the internet, plus the online tools necessary to start a marketing campaign, it might be tempting to jump right into it. Take some time to fully consider this direction, however.

Unless you already have an in-depth understanding of internet marketing services and how it relates to your business’ industry, starting a campaign from scratch is a gamble. Internet-savvy consumers — likely also a significant portion of your target market — will be able to sense, if not plainly see, the disorganisation of your online presence.

For the best results, it’s ideal to coordinate and plan your online marketing efforts first. From the initial campaign design phase to the launch and subsequent maintenance of your internet marketing efforts, your business’ strategy needs to be an air-tight ship sailing along.

The burning question now is: does your business have the bandwidth and resources to get that show on the road?

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business trying to utilise the opportunities offered by the internet to be more competitive, then the answer is likely “no.” In order to accomplish all these in-house, you’ll have to hire an experienced internet marketing team or train new professionals. Either way, you’ll likely be draining your budget on a department that isn’t a direct revenue-generating part of your operations.

What’s a business of your admittedly limited means to do? After all the trouble to point out all its benefits, will you be left hanging? Of course not. Outsourcing the work is a wholly viable and responsible way to reap the benefits of internet marketing without throwing a significant portion of the company budget on the investment.

By digitally outsourcing your internet marketing service needs, you’ll be able to focus on the profitable aspects of your company without sacrificing any opportunities for growth. These advantages can even be applied and measured on a short and long-term basis, including:

Work and process automation. A third-party set-up could ensure better coordination and synergy between your business and supplier or customer.

Quality standard compliance. Outsourcing tasks that aren’t part of your business’ core competencies to professionals significantly reduce issues related to quality compliance.

Resource and space optimisation. By opting for an outsourced internet marketing arrangement, you free up employees to focus on their specialties and don’t have to worry where to place the marketing team.


How are you going to make the most of your Internet Marketing endeavours this year?

Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing in 2021

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. What does the new year mean for the internet marketing industry? The short answer is that the already dynamic strategy and process will be further bolstered and pushed to the limits by the market’s expectations and current global circumstances. 

The more detailed explanation is that businesses can expect the following changes and prepare for them accordingly:

Sweeping digital transformation. The novel coronavirus hastened the evolution of many aspects of the digital sphere over the course of last year. It left many businesses scrambling to find solid ground. This year will be about settling into the new normal; business processes, models and competencies will be more defined by updated regulatory frameworks and innovative bodies.

Scarcity of “new” skills and competencies in businesses. With the boom of new technologies and applications, like food delivery apps and the like, in such a short period to account for our new normal, businesses were understandably busy playing up. They’ll be in need of specialists and solutions to properly utilise these developments and turn them into revenue-generating opportunities.

Demand for process interconnectedness. In the face of such rapid change and the call for pioneers who could lay a solid foundation for all those developments, businesses and even third-party providers need to look more closely at how to make processes even more interconnected.

The challenge is for all the main players to cooperate and develop a holistic approach to outsourcing by broadening their scope of services and introducing an innovative value proposition. They need to blend the unique aspects of C-suite business growth concerns with the plethora of outsourcing specialties into an organic whole into the next step in digital outsourcing.

What’s Next? Axadra’s Digital Process Outsourcing

Although some aspects of the digital revolution have already been around for a couple of years, the unique blend of circumstances has created a perfect storm that’s set to quickly change the entire tone of the industry for the foreseeable future. 

What does it look like? And how do you make it work to your advantage? 

Axadra can show you. Our Digital Process Outsourcing solutions take into account all the benefits that you want to see as the result of all your internet marketing campaigns as well as provide critical “emerging” industry tools and expertise to make everything work. We strive for the fulfillment of the evolving demands of clients and global circumstances to make businesses strong competitors locally and abroad.

Moreover, Digital Process Outsourcing, as we’ve envisioned it, goes beyond the scale of a venture. Rather, we will zoom into the very nature of our business relationships with each other. The interconnectedness of the disparate campaign segments and the process that ties them all together will allow Axadra to respond nimbly with inspired and highly developed solutions to the evolving demands of businesses like you and your clients. 

From a simple solution that addressed convenience, audience reach and cost issues among several small- to medium-sized businesses by leveling the marketing playing field on the digital landscape, internet advertising has evolved into an opportunity to develop entire industries and its partners. Together, Digital Process Outsourcing can become an intrinsic and holistic apparatus that benefits all the players.

Once only driven by the desire to reduce overall spend, transfer the job of non-core tasks to specialists, and improve in-house operational performance, the internet marketing strategy has evolved the concept of outsourcing a business’ digital processes into a veritable juggernaut of interconnectedness. 

It’s come to mean that businesses can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with their outsource partner — instead of one party investing in the convenient service that the other offers, both or several parties invest in and care about each other’s growth.

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