The Only Introduction to Content Marketing You’ll Need

It’s a great time to be a consumer these days. Prospective buyers don’t need to fall prey to the tactic of withholding details to make a sale look more appealing; instead, they can look up the information they need to decide on a product or service and consider several options before buying the one they deem the best for them.

Marketers have adapted to this dramatic shift in power by beefing up their content marketing capabilities.

Content Marketing Fast Facts

The concept of “content marketing” encompasses the planning, creating, distributing, sharing and publishing of content (blog articles, videos, infographics, etc.) to reach and engage with a specific group of people and nurture that relationship with the intent of conversion.

Many businesses are using this strategic approach to capture the attention of their prospective clients. Given that so much information is freely available online, content marketing is the most versatile way to control their narrative and make them the most appealing product or service provider to their audience.

Content marketing can:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Give your sales a significant boost
  • Act as an avenue to connect with your audience
  • Educate your followers
  • Engage with prospects and customers
  • Retain the attention of a clearly defined audience

NOTE: Content marketing is a versatile and highly adaptable strategy. Don’t limit yourself in the belief that it’s only either educational content or promotional material. The truth is that it’s robust enough to serve as both.

The ideal weights between the two sides are about 80% educational and awareness content and 20% of content with commercial intent. It’s a fluid rule and the actual turn out will depend on how well you understand and are able to anticipate the needs of your audience.

Your Content Marketing Options

There are many ways you can educate and entertain your target market and the digital sphere has been very good at providing multiple avenues in which to post it to maximise their reach. Here are some content marketing examples you can use to reach your business goals.

  • Blogs – Arguably the simplest type of content marketing to set up, blogs are an incredible marketing force for awareness, engagement, and conversion when in the right hands.
  • Infographics – A highly effective type of content marketing. Infographics make use of simple but smart images paired with short and understandable text to get a message across.
  • Podcasts – This content marketing medium has steadily been gaining traction with brands and their markets for the simple reason that it’s very convenient. Audiences can listen while on the go.
  • Paid Ads – Not all traffic to your site has to be naturally won from the search engine results; sometimes, you can take out ads to send a clear and well-defined group your way.
  • Social media – When we want to talk about the potential for audience reach, we can’t skip social media. The varied platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, to name a few) have a collective global user base of almost 4 billion.
  • Videos – Audio content and visual content are already highly successful marketing tools. Videos combine the two to create powerful vehicles for awareness, engagement and conversion.

The items above aren’t the end-all, be-all of your options. You might have a niche market that utilises a platform that hasn’t been fully penetrated yet; don’t be afraid to branch out with your choices and to fill your kit with various content marketing tools to boost your campaigns’ effectiveness. Several opportunities reveal themselves to people who seek it, after all.

Trust an Outsource Expert in Content Marketing

If you’re a little over your head on the ins and outs of content marketing or just don’t have the resources to handle it on your own, you’ll benefit much from partnering with a capable outsourced content marketing service provider.

Axadra, a digital marketing agency serving clients in the UK, has your back. Let’s work on spreading awareness of your brand and get those leads coming in!


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