4 Key Insights into the State of Content Marketing in 2020

The global pandemic has pushed digital content agencies to the brink. As economies cautiously try to reopen, it’s become apparent that many things have changed. We’re not going back to the way things were before any time soon.

One aspect of the industry has stayed the same, though: content marketing. Its unprecedented rise in the past decade has helped it pull through the crisis and even found a place for itself in this new era, becoming even more fiercely competitive than ever.

We’ve collected some critical insights about the state of content marketing and will show you how your digital marketing agency can effectively respond to them.

Key Insights from the Content Marketing Trenches

(And how your agency can turn them into opportunities)


  • Most companies have/will have a small, in-house content team – expect a company to have a core content marketing team of around 1-3 specialists who will do the brainstorming and fine-tuning of the brand strategy.

What can your agency offer them? As these teams will naturally be smaller in size, agencies have the advantage of having more resources to dedicate to a project. Critical bids here will center around an outsourced skilled digital marketing support to help them execute their strategy and achieve their goals.

  • Documented content marketing strategies are still a rarity – As content marketing strategies are created on a case-to-case basis, it’s hard to pin down an exact formula to success. The result is that not many are around or readily accessible.

What can your agency do about that? Despite, or because of, the dearth of documented successful content marketing strategies, most marketers are willing to take those that do exist seriously.

Find your niche by becoming the provider of this untapped lead magnet opportunity. Remember to relate your case studies with metrics like traffic generated over time, leads converted and sales figures. Showcase your ROIs as well.

  • Google is still the leader of referral traffic online – The powerhouse search engine has recently been funneling more clicks from organic listings by increasing the ads they displayed on the first page of the search results and through the snippet feature. This doesn’t mean that it’s yielded its position as the top traffic referrer online.

How can your agency use this to your advantage? Study the way Google awards rankings to both SEO and PPC campaigns. The former because most of your marketing clients still rely heavily on and invest in SEO because its returns compound over time.

The latter is important, in the meantime, because Google now has more features and platforms other than Google Ads. Google Shopping is going to be worth exploring, especially when your client is testing the limits of what they can do with an online shop.

  • Written content is still king – You might have already heard it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating: text copy is still highly valued in the industry because it’s one of the easiest to produce while also having a proven track record of effectiveness. In fact, 77% of marketers were going to focus on it back in 2019.

How should your agency respond to this? Make sure that your services provide quality written content over trying to churn content out. The ideal articles, based on data from top business bloggers, indicate that comprehensive blogs around 3000+ words long.

As long as you are able to deliver that kind of well-written content, you find an uptick in shares, earned links and organic traffic.

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