Start the Year Right: Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Resolutions

After the unprecedented events of the past year, even if not everything has been solved neatly, the coming of the New Year still feels like a chance to officially start turning things around and face the future. So, while the start of the year has traditionally been reserved for self-reflection and personal goal setting, perhaps this is also the year we break a little from the usual and familiar. 

If you are a business owner, you should look beyond the self and set an online marketing strategy resolution to revamp your digital marketing services. You’ll be able to tailor a smarter and nimbler strategy based on the lessons learned last year, thereby helping increase performance rates and revenue in the face of the new normal, as well as revitalising your brand’s digital presence.

To help identify which digital marketing practices could make your year, we’ve listed down five resolutions that are sure to give you an opportunity to get ahead of your online endeavours.

Curate a More Meaningful Online Presence 

You can future-proof you and your company better this year by overhauling your business’ digital marketing strategy to make it more meaningful. Make time to review your website and social media pages and curate content accordingly. 

You want to go for a look that is both true to your brand without being flippant of the circumstances you and your clients are in the middle of. Empathy and compassion, with a drive to overcome obstacles of the present, is key for the new year.

Improve Your Digital Marketing Plan

Better Digital Marketing

Step Up Your Digital Marketing Gameplan 

For too long, marketers have been overly focused on keyword-based digital marketing campaigns. This year, your business’ online gameplan should take advantage of burgeoning online advertising tools, platforms and other opportunities, such as providing content that your audience will value and engage with and ensuring excellent user experiences.

Remember: your marketing plan isn’t a two-dimensional map. Rather, it’s a complex web of interconnecting parts that move at their own pace but still significantly affect one another. Your 2021 digital strategy should thus also involve:

Investing in Video Marketing. Videos have undoubtedly come out on top when it comes to keeping an audience’s attention, as well as garnering likes, shares, and other types of engagement. While it does take a little more effort and resources to create and distribute this type of content, the payoff for quality work is worth it.

Optimising for voice search. Voice search volume has steadily been growing a loyal user base in the background. Mobile users alone are three times more likely to use voice search, which is not to say that their smart speaker counterparts aren’t utilising the technology to shop and to input a search query widely as well. 

Voice search is a heavily underutilised tool that you can use to rank your site because competition is so scarce. Grab the opportunity to pull ahead this year.

Utilising video content. With so much information bombarding your consumers, it’s natural that they’d gravitate towards a medium that could give them what they need to know quickly, briefly and efficiently — and, with brains able to process videos 60,000 times faster than text, resolving to use this type of medium more in the new year seems like a no-brainer.

Enhancing your business’ social media presence. Social media platforms are one of the most dynamic forces on the internet, currently. This year, don’t hesitate to enhance your online presence by utilising interactive posts and stories — polls, promotions and the like — to encourage engagement with your business content. Also, don’t forget to keep your social media efforts consistent!

Digital Marketing as a Tool for Building a Community

Building an Online Community through Digital Marketing

Use Digital Marketing to Build a Community

While a large audience is a dream for online marketers and businesses, it’s not a very realistic one if you really want consumers who are present and truly interested in your brand or products and services. Make it a New Year’s resolution to focus on building smaller but tighter-knit communities. 

You’ll need to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, including checking product reviews and engagement on your social media posts, to realise this resolution. So, be sure to actively listen to your existing customer base. 

Show that you value their opinion and that you’re ready to take their suggestions into account. This won’t only be a positive mark on their books, but will also make a good impression on first-time visitors.

Learn a New Digital Marketing Skill

As we discussed in a previous article, the digital transformation was accelerated further by the global circumstances last year. Not only is an above-average understanding of emerging trends online a nice “extra” to have. Rather, it’s become somewhat expected in order to keep up.

Right now is the best time to learn a new digital marketing skill. It could be about learning the bones of a social media campaign or getting better at using your online tools for paid ads like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Not only will it look better on your resume; the new skill will help with creating an integrated digital process for your business so your marketing channels move more synergistically.

Digital Process Outsourcing

Opportunities from Digital Process Outsourcing

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Look into Digital Process Outsourcing

Your New Year’s digital marketing resolutions serve as your business’ road map to the online landscape in the middle of a  transformation. When things seem difficult along the way, just refer to this and remember what you and your company strives for — you can even use this as a basis to tailor your own list!

Whichever method you choose to use to set yourself up for the year, Axadra can help. We are a digital process outsourcing company that can provide the online marketing solutions you need to thrive even when things are in flux.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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