How Good Web Design Impacts Your E-commerce Conversions


E-commerce is a booming business model. It was already fast gaining traction in the industry, but, as the world reels from the effects of COVID-19, the commercial platform has grown at an unprecedented rate with sales projected to double by 2023 to over $6.5 billion.

Nearly everyone is buying nearly everything online these days. This not only means increased online sales but also new business opportunities for solo entrepreneurs and startup companies. These opportunities only pay off if you actively take advantage of them, though.

How can you ensure such a thing?

Simple: Have your online store sport a well-designed website that can convert visitors.

What Makes a Website Design “Good?”


Web design refers to the way a site is presented to a visitor. It covers the layout, organisation, colours, fonts and images on each page. When speaking about it from a subjective standpoint of style, digital marketing experts are often divided on the matter.

Some like minimalistic designs, like this one from ETQ, an online shoe store from Amsterdam. Others love audacious, brutalist lines, like the iconic Adult Swim site. However, there are some principles that they can agree makes a website good and able to convert. It includes the following:

  •       Consistency – You want your website to have a clear theme. It should have the same fonts and button styles, colours that complement each other and have the same style of headings. This makes for a comfortable and undisrupted browsing experience for your customers.
  •       Simplicity – You want your website to have as much information as possible about your brand, products and services. However, you don’t want to dump all of it on your visitors in one go. Exercise restraint and remove all fluff from your content so site users can easily digest your message.

Be wary of having too many elements and buttons on your website, too, as it makes it look cluttered and difficult to navigate. Opt for a website with organised menus and symmetrically-aligned buttons and text.

Additionally, follow the three-click rule. It allows users to find the information they need in three clicks from your home page. This way, customers spend more time buying your products instead of wading through confusing categories and buttons.

  •       Responsiveness – The accessibility of smartphones and mobile internet means that customers are more likely to browse products and services on their phones. You don’t want a clunky and unresponsive site to greet them. Make sure they have a good experience using your e-commerce site by programming it to adapt to any screen size, from large 40-inch TVs to tiny 4.7-inch smartphones.
  •       Load Speed – Customers are more likely to bounce from your website when it loads too slowly, so optimise images and code to make your pages load faster. Furthermore, consider hosting your site on a content delivery network or CDN. With your site’s data stored in different servers around the world, your customers can quickly access site data no matter where they are in the world.

Why Good Web Design is Vital to E-commerce Success


The factors above combine to make a website design more effective at generating leads and conversions. Specifically, they:

  •       Improve Customers’ Product Know-how – Following good web design practices allows customers to find the information they need quickly. For example, if your e-commerce site offers services, the designer will place your contact information right at the top. A professional website design company will put your best sellers on your homepage. These tactics gives you a better chance of converting website visitors.
  •       Facilitate a Hassle-free Browsing Experience – Even if your search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and social media marketing efforts generate traffic, your site’s design may disappoint customers and cause them to bounce. Visitors only stay on a site for 15 seconds unless it truly captures their attention, after all.

So keep in mind that proper web design doesn’t just show the most interesting parts of your site immediately; it should have good structure and easy navigation, too. Your site should follow a consistent alignment.

According to eye-tracking research, customers don’t really read everything you say on your site. Instead, they scan in an F-shaped pattern, looking only for the points that are most relevant to their query. Make your content easier to take in by sectioning it and using bullet points.

All these lead to an easy and comfortable experience for customers, which get them to stay longer. This means a higher likelihood of conversions, whether it’s through content or lead generators, like newsletters and discount coupons.

  •       It Offers Seamless Purchasing Across Devices – About 76 per cent of people in countries like the US and the UK have a smartphone, according to Pew Research, and these devices are now the most popular medium for online shopping.

With a mobile-friendly site, you make it easy for most of your customers to buy your products online. Moreover, Google prioritises mobile-friendly sites on its rankings as well, so it’s easier to find you.

Your website design can mean the difference between a conversion and a customer leaving you for your competitors. A critical factor to getting a good outcome is to ensure an overall seamless user experience, from the moment they visit your online store to the time they click the checkout button.

Make it easy on your customers to buy from you and you can expect conversion rates to go up. But don’t do it at the expense of losing focus on the core needs and goals of your business. Simplify the way you optimise your e-commerce website by leaving the task to a professional web design agency.

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