Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is about putting your brand where your customers are – on the web, where ever they are on the web.  Whether they’re on a Search Engine, Social Media, a blog. 

Regardless of industry, whether it be banking, hospitality, legal services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, automotive, insurance or trade; many industries are still ripe for disruption in the digital space.

The benefits to digital marketing today are clear.  You need it to get found by your customers online.  You need it to appear on search.  Your customers need it to find your physical location.  You need it to nurture a relationship with your prospects.  You need it to keep your customers loyal.

For every step in a customer’s journey there is a corresponding matching digital service that gives you an edge.

Think of the Digital space as an ecosystem of potential customers.  In order to acquire them, your brand needs to be present where they are.

Are you new to the game?  Then your digital marketing strategy will need to begin with your website – the core of your online presence.  You then need to get seen and noticed not just by your brand, but also by the products and services you offer. 

 There are 6 billion searches on Google daily.  There are 2.5 billion searches on facebook everyday.  That’s a lot of potential customers.

When it comes to brand awareness, nothing trumps a combination of a well executed Social Media Campaign along with some basic Search Engine Optimization for your website.

Need new customers or a larger client base?  Have you heard of Search Engine Marketing?  It’s divided into several approaches:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is a series of activities that help users and search engines understand the context of your content better. It makes you appear in organic searches – the natural, unsponsored results in search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Are your potential customers well educated about your product or service? Your website is your first and best opportunity to “strut your stuff” as it were. Your second-best channel are other websites where your brand can get published either through native advertising, guest blogging or through press releases.

Do you need to improve preference for your brand? Did you know you have the ability to be persistent or visually top of mind to your potential customers? There are 2 proven strategies that are both cost effective and just downright effective at achieving these business goals:

  • Adwords Remarketing – this strategy is uniquely effective at keeping you present until your potential customer is ready to buy. Have you ever noticed that you started seeing brand banners follow you around after you visited their website? That’s not you failing to notice it till now. It is following you around, so that they can stay top of mind when you become ready to buy.
  • E-Mail Marketing – once users have cared enough to see your messaging, they can opt in allowing you to send thoughtful concise messages to them. Not flooding them, but thoughtfully and strategically staying top of mind until they are ready to come to you.

Need more repeat visitors or people to market to? Have you ever tried your hand in digital lead magnets like e-books, exclusive discount coupons or an “invitation only” sale? Not to mention SEO can have residual effects and Adwords a direct effect on acquiring leads and customers.