Digital Marketing Teams

Meet your Digital Marketing Team, grown from a company with over a decade’s experience in Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and Marketing Automation.

We have been the go-to solution for several companies when it comes to staffing for their Digital Marketing Teams, whether the staffing requirement the captive needs of your brand, or for your client servicing needs.

Years of experience honing brand awareness, informational, preferential, and conversion metrics for thousands of marketing campaigns has made us one of the hotbeds of talent, and the go-to name for Everything Digital.

SEO Specialists

There is one thing unique about Axadra groomed SEO Specialists – they have a wealth of experience that can’t be matched. We groom SEO’s from the ground up, so they are well-rounded experienced in Technical SEO, On-Page elements and implementation, Tool integration, and the most current Off-page strategies.

We train our SEO’s to be well rounded, Google Certified, with holistic skills and proven track records for driving organic traffic and visibility to almost any website they touch.

SEM Specialists / Adwords Campaign Managers

The marketplace competition for Google Adwords and Analytics Certified SEM Professionals is fierce.  We spare you the potential talent bidding war and the hunt for the proverbial needles in the haystack.

Axadra SEM Teams are Google Certified and groomed by senior professionals in the industry. Our experience not just with Adwords but with PPC Automation tools give our talent a unique edge.

But that isn’t their key differentiator.  The most important virtue we train our SEM Managers on is conscientiousness.  We drill them on value and return on investment – because the purpose of advertising is not “spending,” it is value, returns and revenue.