Scale Your Business Operations with Dedicated Virtual Team Services

Focus on scaling your business while we handle your digital marketing operations.

Don’t Sweat Your Digital Marketing Needs - Build a Virtual Team

Many businesses split their resources trying to accommodate both their digital marketing interests and their growth goals. By doing the work in-house, they could better control — and save on — their expenses, right?

While it is possible, it’s also a very risky move.

By trying to juggle their core competencies with unfamiliar digital marketing activities, businesses lose focus on their real objective: company growth. The best way to handle the situation is to find a partner, a dedicated virtual team you can rely on to handle your online marketing processes.

What Is a Dedicated Virtual Digital Marketing Team?

Axadra’s dedicated virtual team service offers agencies and enterprises a cost-effective approach to executing their marketing campaigns seamlessly. To this end, our team’s expertise touches on different disciplines of digital marketing, including:

      • Website Design and Development
      • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Paid Ads
      • Content Marketing
      • Social Media Marketing

Ready to get your business on full speed? Let our dedicated virtual team get the job done for you.

What Can a Dedicated Virtual Team Offer?

There are two things that come from outsourcing your work to our dedicated virtual team: consistency and quality. The experts handling the digital marketing arm of your operations: 

      • Become a part of your team and get the work done;

      • Send you regular campaign reports, updates and recommendations;

      • Make sure no deadlines are missed;

      • Plot the progress of your business’ marketing objectives, and

      • Provide the process and resources that ultimately lead to growth.

A dedicated virtual team means extra hands that allow you to service more clients and fulfil more deliverables without the risk of compromising work quality.

How Do Dedicated Virtual Teams Help with Growth?

Business growth requires grit and strategy. It involves a deliberate allotment of resources to make sure no aspect of your business gets left behind. 

It does not mean that you have to do all the hiring, training and heavy lifting, however. Axadra’s dedicated virtual team service will act as your backend partner and save you a significant amount in additional overhead costs.

We take away the constraints that come with administrative tasks, such as recruitment and payroll for digital marketing professionals. 

You won’t have to worry about having extra space in your office, either. Our experts work in our facility while maintaining constant communication with your in-house team to keep operations going smoothly.

Our Virtual Digital Marketing Team’s Process

The common understanding behind outsourcing to a virtual team is to take extra work from your hands and let freelancers do all the leg work. 

Our dedicated virtual team process is  much more sophisticated than that; while you do get the benefit of more pairs of hands to help with your work, you also gain from the skills, experience and resources of industry professionals who are wholly invested in your business’ growth.

How Do We Implement Our Process?


Axadra provides critical assistance to small- to medium-sized businesses looking to gain digital marketing expertise and resources, as well as benefit from innovative processes without going over budget or sacrificing the quality of their output. Our approach involves:

    • Gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your company’s operations and objectives 
    • Aligning our tailored team and expert strategy with your business goals
    • Establishing a collaborative process between all parties that takes your organisation’s structure and our innovative methods into account
    • Creating the desired products through the utilisation of various innovations and skilled professionals

Our main objective is to elevate your business’ performance in all aspects related to the digital marketing strategy.


Axadra’s team functions as your partner in white label processes, opening a cost effective avenue for you to scale production and maintain or even enhance the product or service quality you are known for. We:

    • Study your business’ needs and goals, together with your challenges
    • Put together a team of industry experts who can match the ideals of your objectives and scale your production
    • Maintain communication channels between all parties involved so our team becomes fully integrated into your company structure 
    • Produce outstanding output that you could present to clients and potential customers

With our help, you don’t need to limit your work and operations to your current assets. We’ll make sure you have the talent, resources and technology to grow your company.

Scale your business with process-driven specialists working and providing essential support right beside you. Our dedicated virtual team will provide you with a roadmap to strategically expanding your operations.

Let Our Virtual Team Handle Your Online Marketing

Our dedicated virtual team acts as an extension of your in-house team, providing critical backend personnel or support for your digital marketing campaigns. They offer the expertise and resources to run your campaigns full steam as you focus on scalability.

With a full-time team supporting your digital marketing operations on the side, you’ll have more time, effort, and resources to get through the daily grind of running and growing your business, ultimately achieving your goals.

Building the Foundation to Scale Your Business

Axadra’s virtual team setup goes beyond traditional outsourcing models. We don’t just provide manpower or a service to you then call it a day; rather, we ensure that you, our partner, gain access to a talent pool that we’ve personally managed, trained and developed.

This highly skilled virtual team of digital marketers will push your business forward and bring your business objective to life. 

Whether you’re an agency or an enterprise looking to have a team manage your digital marketing projects, our virtual team service will build your foundation for scalability.

Maximising Growth Opportunities with Our Framework​

Full-time Specialists

With a line-up of industry professionals, we can better guarantee the service and work quality our partners receive. 

Why Put Your Trust in Our Digital Marketers?

Scalable Processes

Our digital marketing experts can fill the skill gaps in your campaign or make up a team tailored to your business needs.

Why Is Digital Marketing Campaign Scalability Important?

Continuous Refinement

Our team works with you throughout the campaign, refining the strategy along the way to ensure the best results.

Why Keep Optimising Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Put Your Trust in the Digital Marketers?

Some businesses aim to swell their ranks with skilled professionals, gladly paying the cost to acquire such people for their team. Talent dependency, without a proper plan to put it together and make it work, however, hinders organisations from achieving their objectives. 

Don’t fall victim to such a pitfall. Partner with Axadra. Our dedicated virtual team arrangement allows you to gain access to digital marketing talent in whichever fields you need and reap tangible growth results for your business.

With our unique process, you no longer have to busy yourself finding the right talent and training them to fill full-time roles necessary to strategise, execute and monitor your digital marketing campaigns. All you need to do is think of how you can close more deals, grow your client base and keep clients happy.

Why Is Digital Marketing Campaign Scalability Important?

It’s not enough that your work processes can be adjusted when the need arises; rather, you need to ensure that they’re flexible enough to be scaled without sacrificing quality. 

As your partner, Axadra’s dedicated virtual team will align your growth plans, goals and objectives with a strategic process that supports your existing plans and further enhances your operational setup. We do this by:

    • Studying how your operations are set up (understanding the situation and what your business goals are)
    • Determining how we can collaborate to achieve your goals (defining the scope of work and identifying assets you will need to reach goals), and
    • Designing a corresponding feasible scalable process (plotting out the main strategy and putting a competent team of specialists to oversee the project).

We don’t just adjust and react. We future-proof your business by making sure your processes actively impact your business and allow you to grow.

Why Keep Optimising Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

The strategy you have today, no matter how effective at the moment, may not be the formula that brings you laurels tomorrow. So, you have to stay on your toes and keep your methods up-to-date. It’s essential to your continued growth to keep up with changes

In an industry such as digital marketing, that’s a big ask. It isn’t, however, impossible. You can still improve upon and further optimise your processes with help from Axadra’s dedicated virtual team. Our method involves:

  • Process refinement, regular pulse checks and feedback – to improve on your setup and determine more efficient ways to conduct your digital marketing operations.
  • Personal and team performance reviews – to gauge which initiatives are yielding desired results and identify other opportunities for improvement.

Working on growing your business necessitates continuous and dynamic effort. Axadra’s dedicated virtual team can show you the path you need to take. Let us help you keep improving and optimising so you achieve your objectives.