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Well-managed PPC campaigns bring in better returns on your money. Let Axadra plan, execute and optimise PPC campaigns to reach your qualified audience when they are already looking.

Be there when customers are ready to buy and drive more traffic with pay-per-click management services.

Reach the right people with the right message and start driving targeted traffic. PPC advertising will keep you in front of your customers whenever they search online.

With competition getting fiercer by the day, you need to pull out all the stops to stay visible to your customers. You can start with having a well-optimised website, but does it end there? Your online presence is defined by the different strategies you employ to be in front of customers when they’re searching for you. This is where PPC advertising comes in.

While organic search takes up a chunk of the online real estate, paid ads help businesses remain on top of customers’ minds. It’s the push customers need to make a buying decision.

Paid advertising, commonly known as Pay-Per-Click, emphasises the creation of targeted ads with target keywords to prompt customers to click on the site. Paid ads provide your business with an effective strategy of getting customers with a high purchasing intent.

Do it right, and you’ll have new leads in your pipeline.

How can we help you reach target revenue goals and get more customers with PPC management services?

PPC advertising is an entirely different ball game compared to Search Engine Optimisation. With SEO campaigns, you apply strategies to build your presence organically. PPC ads take this to a new level by helping your business appear not just on Google results but other channels, such as Google Display Network and social media advertising platforms.

One thing you need to always keep in mind: PPC advertising is not a standalone strategy. It’s part of a holistic digital marketing initiative in driving your customers down the sales funnel. By using it alongside SEO and social media, you are giving your business more leverage over your competitors.

Your PPC advertising campaigns are in good hands when you work with our team of certified Google ads specialists. Our work includes PPC management, PPC Ads optimisation and performance marketing to deliver impactful results to your business.

We don’t stop until your goals are met. That’s how dedicated we are when it comes to our work.

Instant exposure for more conversions

PPC ads help you position your business on top of search results so you appear every time a customer searches for your target keywords. No more playing the waiting game — you can start converting as soon as your PPC ads are up and running.

With PPC advertising, you can capture customers based on their search intent. This allows you to reach the right people using targeted messaging, ensuring every click translates to business.

PPC also supplements your SEO efforts in boosting traffic. This all but guarantees your ads a spot on places where your customers are.

Managing PPC ads campaigns is one of our strong points. Our team can provide a foolproof strategy to maintain control over your online real estate.

Outsourced PPC management services that deliver results

PPC management requires extensive planning, a smart keyword binning strategy, performance-based ad creation, and continuous monitoring. We’re here to help you with these (and more) so your business can reach more customers.

PPC ads created with a purpose

Every ad has a purpose — attracting new customers, convincing old customers to visit your website, getting new sign ups that you can nurture later on, and more. Whatever it wants to achieve, it’ll all depend on conveying the right message.

Successful PPC ads are those with a purpose, with well-researched keywords and compelling copies that make search users click on the site and convert right there and then.

We make sure every ad meets your goals through our PPC management process. Our PPC specialist develops the strategy, implements the ads on different advertising platforms, and tracks the results to see how these contribute to the success of your business.

Attract, engage, delight

PPC advertising is not rocket science, but it’s not guesswork either. As your PPC management services provider, we take a performance-driven approach to ensure you get the most out of your ads:

Extensive keyword research

Keyword bidding

Implementation on multiple ad platforms

Social media ads creation

Optimised landing pages

Ad conversion tracking

Analysis and reporting

Need PPC ads to get more leads? Let us show you how it’s done.

PPC is a cost-effective strategy

To get your customers’ attention – only if done right. That’s why we’re here. Our team follows the best practices to help your business meet your PPC goals.

The Value of a Well-Designed, Optimised Website

Google Ads

Google Display Network

Social Media


Your online presence in full force with Google search ads

Pay-per-click helps level the playing field among businesses. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, using Google Ads helps your business be seen across the web.

The best thing about Google search ads is that you can tailor them based on the results you want. Do you want to have more visitors to your storefront? Sure. Looking to increase more calls or bookings? You can do that, as well.

Google Ads allow you to reach customers anywhere in the world with its location targeting features. This makes it easier to target customers near you, or areas you want to expand to later on.

By working with us as your PPC services provider, you have access to the expertise of our certified Google Ads specialists with experience in running hundreds of PPC campaigns.

Maximise your reach with the Google Display Network

Customers jump from one website to another to find information. That shouldn’t stop you from being visible to them as they browse across different sites.

Google Display Network helps your business appear in front of your target audience with highly engaging ads – video ads, image ads, digital content, and other ad formats.

Every ad in the Google Display Network achieves specific marketing goals and showcases your value proposition to a targeted audience. You can run multiple types of ads to maximise your reach and deliver a stronger messaging to customers.

Getting started on Google Display Network requires thorough experience in PPC management. Leave that to our experts.

It pays to have social media ads

With the number of users continuously increasing on multiple social networking platforms, one should not underestimate the power of social media ads.

People stay connected with brands through social media, and ads help keep them engaged. Facebook and LinkedIn offer multiple ad formats that provide businesses such as yours with different options to stay in front and center of customers.

Social media ads help you tell your brand’s story while prompting your audience to take their next steps in the buyer’s journey. Whether it’s to build brand awareness or use social media for lead generation, our expert PPC ads specialists will help you determine the best course of action.

A little bit of convincing with remarketing

Sometimes, customers need a little bit of persuading to subscribe, call or buy from you. That’s why you have remarketing.

The use of remarketing ads allows you to connect with customers who visited your site but did not convert instantly. Every time they visit other websites, remarketing ads will appear to build more awareness and drive them down further into the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.
The idea behind this is to stick with your customers until they are ready to buy from you.

When it comes to remarketing, our team of experts can provide you with the creatives, ad copies, and strategy to display the best of your business to customers.

How we drive results with PPC management services

We’re a data-driven bunch with a knack for dissecting and analysing every metric and information that comes our way. You can expect the same when you outsource PPC management and start a paid ads campaign with us.

First, we dive into your business with an initial consulting call meeting where we identify your current online marketing strategies, discuss your goals, and align these with our PPC campaign strategy.

Next, we’ll hand over the information to our paid ads specialist. They do an extensive keyword research and analyse the competition.

The following step is where the magic happens. We’ll set up your PPC campaign, create the ad copies and implement them on the appropriate advertising platform. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a performance report to update you on the progress of your ads.

That’s our formula for your PPC success. Ready to start a campaign? We’re all ears.