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Get that social media boost and increase your brand’s visibility. We provide a goal-driven approach to social media management with measurable results.

Take Your Social Media Management To The Next Level

Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities with billions of active users worldwide. By 2025, social media users are expected to reach 4.41 billion. Social media marketing is now a necessity for companies to achieve a well-rounded digital marketing strategy to maximise online presence.

Social Media Services to Make Your Life Easier

Paid or organic social media marketing, content creation, and social media management — we have it all for you.

Social media goes beyond advertising. It’s about building relationships with your customers, it’s about engagement and managing your reputation online. Whether it’s boosting your online presence, customer engagement, or increasing your ROI, your vision and goals are important to us. Thus, we aim to develop a goal-driven strategy that’s aligned with your audience, your brand, and your goals.

Social Media Strategy

Having a well-developed social media strategy is crucial to the success of your social media campaign. We help you focus on the purpose of your campaign and guide you in choosing the right platform to help you reach your goals.

Each business requires a different approach, even the ones in the same industry. For a social media strategy to be successful, it requires research, analysis, and testing. We have invested our resources in testing and analysing each platform to know which suits what industry and business, as well as the content type that goes with the initiative.

We value time and resources, so make sure to focus our efforts on initiatives that make the most impact.

Social Media Management

From setting up your social account to campaign creation and management, we provide them all for you. Whether it’s content creation, posting, and analysing data, we help you stay in control and maximise your customer engagement efforts.

Social Media Ads Setup

Engage a bigger audience and capture more leads through boosting. We set up your social ads paired with goal-driven management of the sponsored social media posts.

Data fuels our campaigns, every move that we make is driven by thorough research and analytics. Our specialists develop ad campaigns that focus on delivering the right message to the right audience.

Content Creation

Content is crucial in achieving success no matter what your social media goals are. It builds up your social media presence and cements your account as a destination for your customers. Whether it’s for information, education, inspiration, or entertainment. We design content that’s engaging but also aligned with content policies adhering only to best practices.

Social Media Optimisation

Page optimisation isn’t just for websites, it’s also for social media pages. We make sure that your accounts and pages are optimised so that they target the right audience. We make sure that you’re starting the campaign on the right foot.

Social Media Reports Services

Data and analytics are valuable to your campaign’s success. We set up the necessary tools so you can access in-depth social reports and dashboards that will aid you in monitoring the progress of your campaigns.

The Axadra Process

Research and Analysis

We analyse your brand and identify opportunities that make the most of your ad budget. We make sure to focus on the best audience for your campaign.

Campaign Setup

This is where we recommend the best strategy that aligns with your marketing goals. After we reach an agreement, we will set up the campaign.

Ads Launch

This is where the creation and implementation of ad copies will take place. Our social media ambassadors will make sure that your campaign starts strong.


We take data analysis seriously. Using analytics tools, we gather the monthly performance data of your social media campaign and deliver them to you. This will give us insights into the performance of the campaign and what our next steps should be.

Why Do You Need Social Media Management Services?

Social media is an effective way to boost your business’ brand awareness and ROI, however, it can be time-consuming. Note that an average user can spend up to 144 minutes per day just browsing through social media. If you do it yourself, it can be quite taxing as a business owner.

The great thing is that you can achieve your goals in social media marketing even with your hands-off the campaign. Our social media ambassadors can help you with whatever your social marketing services you need – may it be growing your followers, generating leads, closing more deals, or increasing your bottom line.

Level Up Your Social Media Game. Let’s Work Together Towards Your Goal.

At the moment, more than 91 percent of retail brands use two or more social media platforms. With the extreme growth of social media, it opens doors to countless opportunities. That’s why if your company or brand doesn’t have any social media presence on any channel, then you’re going to fall behind those companies who put extra effort in boosting their social media campaigns. The same thing goes for having a social media account but not utilising it to perform at its best.

Social media is a way for you to connect and engage with your audience. Now is the best time to boost your social media presence so that your brand can reap its benefits in terms of engagement and ROI.

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