Success Stories


About the Client: National Ecommerce Campaign

This is an e-commerce store that has an average revenue of $29,935 over a 6-month period with an average order value of $467.75.

They already had an SEO program applied to their ecommerce website before but never really prioritised further site optimisation. They are not ranking for main keywords that are relevant in their industry, they are not getting enough site traffic that is causing their revenue to dwindle.


The goal for this campaign is to increase organic traffic by at least 100% which will then be exceeded by 200% as you will see later down the page. Another goal is to increase ranking for relevant keywords and rank first for root keywords. Last but not the least is to maximize organic revenue.

Solution and Process (Approach)

The first action we took with them is to learn what was previously done on their site, following an SEO Audit. This will let us know what is preventing them from appearing higher on search engine results.

The main problem areas were the technical SEO, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. They weren’t very keen on determining what keywords were important for them to rank for, as well as the kind of content they should be creating.

Next step in the campaign is to present an SEO strategy that is effective and flexible. This strategy will run for 6 months to maximize effectiveness.

One of the key points of this strategy is creating content that aligns with the brand and optimises the blog. The content team from our end was able to provide them with the content needed for both onpage and offpage efforts. Ofcourse, following the content strategy that was laid out.

Another key player for the success is improving the ecommerce site performance not just on desktop but through mobile and other operating systems as well


The result is a shoot up in rankings for search engine results that led to an increase in revenue as seen in the numbers below:

Key Takeaways

Going back, it’s important to note that they have applied an SEO program that didn’t work for them so it was crucial to clean up the slate before implementing any new strategy.

By following the strategy that was advised and maintaining the cycle of updating keywords, optimising on-page and off-page content, the ecommerce business was able to gain steady momentum in increasing favorable numbers.

In six months, they were able to garner the number 1 spot for 11 targeted keywords and rank on the first page for 25 other relevant keywords. Organic traffic also rose to 300% which resulted in an increase in conversion rate and revenue. The six-month revenue of $29,935 rose to $109,120, that’s a staggering 364.53%!


About the Client: Reverse Logistics Solutions Provider

The client is a reverse logistics solutions provider that supplies an array of solutions to enable supply chain processes to operate without disruptions. After such time, their website has declined in traffic which then resulted in user engagement dropping.


The goal for this reverse logistics solutions provider is to increase traffic to the website and maximize conversion rate.


Our team was ready for the overall challenge especially since the company already had an old structure and SEO work done by a previous provider.

Applied Solution and Process (Approach)

The first thing done was to audit the website. After pinpointing the trouble areas which included sitespeed, usability and poor on-page & off-page SEO management, a full dental SEO campaign was implemented.

An overhaul of the website was done including removal of unused JavaScript, enabling text and image compressions as well as preloading key requests — among many others. A full on technical SEO was also applied so that the site will appear on the search when people type anything related to children’s dentistry. Local SEO was also implemented so that the website will appear on the first page, complete with contact information of the establishment whenever a client in the same location types a target keyword.


n the 3 months that the client ran a campaign with us, there was a staggering increase of 489.96% in new users from Organic Traffic. From 332 website visitors, it shot up to 1,947.

Page views also saw an increase by 302%, from 671 to 2,700.

Taking in consideration that an average cost-per-click for any related dentistry keywords is $5, those new visitors could’ve cost the establishment a $3,260 in paid search traffic. This type of expense was avoided with the use of the implemented strategy.

Key Takeaways

This business website mainly deals with clients in the local area which means the website is mainly for advertising purposes to increase foot traffic to the clinic. In this case, we built up their local citation profile and boosted their local SEO. They chose to go with organic SEO which then paid off by boosting their website visitors by 600% in 3 months, saving them $3,260 in paid search.


About the Client: Law Firm

The client is an immigration lawyer that has yet to rank organically. Website has yet to be indexed by search engines and they have not updated their blog for a long time.


To improve the firm’s overall website performance. Start ranking for relevant keywords, ultimately increasing organic traffic. One of the challenges they have found in the past is looking for a writer or content creator who is familiar with legal terms.

Applied Solution and Process (Approach)

The first move was to evaluate the website and do a website audit. The website audit will show which areas of the website are keeping it from ranking, as well as the areas that are poorly optimised. Likewise, the audit report will show the areas that are performing well.

Content creation is a huge factor in ranking. We have a team specialising in SEO for law firms and they were able to modify on-page content following SEO best practices.

Another key factor that was helpful in making the strategy more effective is activating a link building strategy that’s designed for law firms. Our team was able to reach out to high domain authority publications and blogs to push articles that produce backlinks for the site.


With the implementation of the strategy over the course of a 12-month period, organic traffic saw an increase of 30.27%.

It also reached its goal of ranking first on all relevant keywords. Their website now holds several number 1 positions which in turn, consistently drives traffic to their website. Compared to Google Paids Ads, they were able to save $32,893.25 using this method.

Key Takeaways

Aside from on-page issues and organizing the keyword mapping system, which is a challenge in this law firm’s case because of the various queries searchers are putting in, one other problem was content creation. Law firms are quite a special case when it comes to content creation. Not only do they need the right verbiage and proper use of legal terms, but they need content that’s also written for SEO. Axadra had them covered as we have SEO writers specializing in different niches, whether it’s SEO for accountants, plastic surgeons, dentists, real estate agents, education, auto-service and more.

The effect can be reflected in the increase of new users by 28.81% in just a year and continues to see regular improvement in organic traffic and search traffic yearly. In addition, from holding no spot on the first page of search results, they now hold several first place rankings for more than a dozen keywords, consistently driving traffic to their website.

We can do it for you too

We hope you took something out of this. The point is, different methods work for different businesses but it all leads to the same goals: to increase traffic, to increase conversion and to increase revenue. So whether it’s a refined SEO strategy, a revamp of your old one, or you want to be provided with quality and expert services like the more specialized content creation that the Law Firm needed, we can provide it all for you. We’re here to make sure that you stay visible, appear where you need to be (in those search results) and provide the solutions that will lead to your growth.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to schedule a call with us, we’re excited to talk about our SEO and digital marketing services and what you can do with them.